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*** This one is on us! Use the discount code ‘CoffeeOnUs’ to receive this episode for free - enjoy! ***

Unscripted and unfiltered!

Join us for a coffee (…well a virtual one) as we dive into a no holds barred conversation around the art of magic.

Series 1 Episode 1: The Key Undercut
With 20 minutes on the clock and a coffee in hand, today's starting point is The Key Undercut (The Royal Road to Card Magic - Jean Hugard & Frederick Braue). We explore the key undercut (well, the key card principle) and put it under the microscope.

Join us as we talk about:

The key undercut, Hindu shuffle, Spectator shuffle, Just look at it, Multiple selection using key cards, Marked key card, Deceptive replacements, Key card by demonstration, Picture stack application, Making it meaningful, Applying the one ahead, Word association, Ice cream trick, Re-using the key card, Drizzle and sprinkles AND Setting up your next trick...

We do this as a creative exercise where there are no stupid ideas. We enforce a 20 minute timebox (just enough time to enjoy a coffee) as an enabling constraint to explore a concept. It could be an effect, a principle, an idea, a plot etc. Our hope is that from essentially 'working out loud' and sharing our experience, is that people can find inspiration to invoke their own ideas surrounding their magic and what they present.

About ADAM & SAM

Sam & Adam are two professional magicians from the North West of England who, aside from their obvious coffee addiction, have performed across the UK for the biggest brands, celebrities and companies.

Having written, directed & designed props for some of the most successful PBH Edinburgh Fringe shows (Mind Games, 2016 & Awaken, 2017) as well as consult for TV, Sam is known for his wacky routines and high energy performances. To Sam, it’s all about the theatre.

Meanwhile, underground creator and thinker Adam is a truly talented card technician. If there’s a sleight in sight then he’s gonna get it right. However, like a true hustler, Adam covertly employs his craft to astound audiences especially in the field of mentalism & mind reading.

Together they form a caffeine fuelled creative powerhouse.

Join us TODAY - and all for the price of a couple of Vanilla Spiced Lattes a month!

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This one is on us - use discount code ‘CoffeeOnUs’ to receive this episode for free! Join us for a coffee (…well a virtual one) as we dive into a no holds barred conversation around magic and all that surrounds it.

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FREE - Creative Coffee - The Key Undercut

8 ratings
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